Thursday, June 12, 2014

2013 Canada 25 Cents, Whales

Coolest Canadian coin find in a while. There were nine different Canadian 25 cent pieces released for circulation in 2013. I already found the typical caribou quarter and now I have the cool whale reverse.

This one has two beluga whales that are frosted and a bow back whale that is only frosted on the lower jaw. There are native Canadians in canoes hunting around the rim. This intricate design is prone to die cracks and one is visible at the front of the bow whale extending into the C of CANADA almost touching the rim.

Here it is again slightly angled to catch more of frosted areas.

There is another whale type withe beluga whales unfrosted and the bow whale with a frosted body. Even that one has varieties where the left fin may or not be frosted. I am not sure which type is more common or if they are included in 12.5 million made.

Saw it on top of a counter and asked the cashier if I could change it for a U.S. quarter and he let me.

Type/Country: 25 Cents / Canada
Year: 2013
Mintage: 12,500,000
Metal: 94% Steel, 3.8% Copper, 2.2% Nickel
Value: $0.25 in Very-Fine (VF-20)

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