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Coin Community
Our site is dedicated to the coin collecting hobby. Our coin collecting forum is a great source of information, and is and always will be free. Education is the key to collector success. Talk with collectors just like yourself to expand your knowledge in this great hobby.
A Comprehensive Web Encyclopedia of U.S. Copper Coinage
An incredible resource for looking up doubled dies and other errors on Lincoln cents.
Heritage Coins
Coin auctions, gold coins and currency are part of Heritage Rare Coin Galleries, the largest rare coin dealer and auctioneer in the world. Auctions include rare coins, silver dollars and more.
Small Dollar Coins
United States Small Size Dollar Coins and Related Items
VAuctions - It's Where The Auction Is! New coin auctions every Sunday.
VCoins Dealer Auctions. Your Trusted Ancient Coin Dealers. We have hundreds of ancient and medieval coins and artifacts to choose from in each auction. New auctions start every Sunday at 3 pm CST.
World Coin Gallery
Gallery of world coin photos, descriptions, and type values. A collection including images of more than 26,000 different coin types from 450 world-wide states and countries.
Wild Winds
Reference, attribution & valuation for ancient Greek, Roman & Byzatine coins
Dirty Old Coins
Roman Imperial Coins - Attribution help
This site measures the current pure metal value or melt values of U.S. circulating coinage (the penny included) and pre-1964 silver coins. Coin prices are determined from calculating the metal value every day from closing precious and base metal prices at the New York Mercantile Exchange. The dollar, half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel, and penny (cent) are included.
Numismaster Coin Collecting Portal with coin and currency pricing and news updated daily covering Ancient coins, World Coins, US Coins, Currency and all numismatic resources for the collector. The most comprehensive coin collecting site on the web.Some free stuff, some stuff that you have to pay to see.
Numismatic News
A numismatic paper that needs a subscription to fully view.
Coin Link
Lots of coin links and articles.


VCoins - The Online Coin Show for Ancient Coins, US Coins, and World Coins
Tens of thousands of coins from dealers worldwide. The largest site on the net for Ancient Coins, Roman Coins, Greek Coins, Byzantine Coins, and Biblical Coins. Books, supplies, and resources for ancient coin collectors.
Chuck E. Cheese Tokens
A sub-page of Forrest's Token Page, this page focuses on Chuck E. Cheese Tokens.
Forrest's Token Page
Mostly arcade tokens.
Squished Penny Museum | Features
The official site of the Squished Penny Museum. Pennies rolled in a special machine to create souvenirs. This site is no longer updated.
Cait's Collection of Elongated Coins
Elongated coins listed very neatly, last updated April 27, 2008
Web home of Mike Locke California Gold
Coin home page of Mike Locke. Coins for sale, coin pictures, coin book reviews, California fractional gold coin and token information, index of related sites -Home -Locations -AMNH
The original elongated souvenir penny book with the coin on the cover.Penny Machine locations around the world, Collecting Tips, EC History, Online Store, and more!
Fanta$tic Price$ - Blog
Fanta$tic Price$ - List
Fanta$tic Price$ - Links
A token site with little info. :: Keith's online token collection
Transportation tokens great pictures and some value but has not been updated in years.
U.S. Patterns
Welcome to the home of The Society of U.S. Pattern Collectors! For those of you not familiar with this fascinating area of numismatics, patterns are prototypes for coins that, for the most part, were never approved for circulation.
Harry W. Bass Jr. Gold Coin, Pattern and Currency Collection
Harry W. Bass Jr. Gold Coin, Patterns, and Currency Collection

U.S. Coins/Currency

Values of Indian Head Pennies
Values of Indian Head Pennies
VAMworld » Main
VAMworld » clashed dies
This site is devoted to Morgan and Peace dollar die varieties, known as VAM varieties.
Currency Projects - No longer updated
Known Plate Numbers For Scarcer Modern FRN Star Notes From Series 1963 To Present
Old currency site there is a better.
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Bureau of Engraving and Printing, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Star Note Lookup
*Dead link*
Coin Site - Main
What's it Worth? Prices for U.S. Small Size Paper Money
Basic prices for U.S. small size paper money. Not specific at all but a start.
Variety Vista
In addition to doubled dies and RPMs, we will also be keeping you up-to-date on Design Varieties and Mintmark Styles, thus covering the entire range of the die variety family for twentieth and twenty-first century coinage.
Cent Project Discussion - Coin Community Forum
Specific Coin Community thread about the cent project.
The Lincoln Cent Resource
This site is dedicated to delivering you information about the top Lincoln Cent Varieties including Doubled Dies, Repunched Mintmarks, Over Mintmarks, and much more...
COLONIAL CURRENCY Full Project Listing
An exhibit featuring hundreds of examples of colonial paper currency with supplementary sections on colonial lottery tickets and fiscal documents. Currency examples range from the 1720 Louisiana issues to the fractional currency privately emitted in the 1790's during the copper panic.

Error Coins/Currency

*Dead link*
Offical Government U.S. Mint
Should be the first source for all United States coin questions.
Mint Error News - Main
Mint Error News - foreigners_in_the_mint
Best mint error resources ever.
*Dead Link* World Error Coins
Canadian Error Coins
The latest information regarding Canadian error coins being found in circulation. Many top quality images of Two Dollar error coins.
Online Inventory - Rich Errors
A site for sales but the pictures are great.
Coin and Currency Information for Collectors
Currency by Lew Dufault Home Page
Error notes, fancy notes, and autographed notes for sale.
Die Variety News Magazine©
New magazines or older ones not available.
Wexler's Coins and Die Varieties
Die varieties such as doubled dies, Repunched mint marks (RPMs), Over Mint Marks (OMMs), Repunched Dates, Overdates, coin design varieties, as well as regular coins and error coins.
Ken Potter's Variety Vault Home Page
Huge site about coin varieties but hard to navigate.

Coin/Currency Shops

Coin seller Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 : Books
Cheap books once. Official Price Guide to Mint Errors : Books - A place to get cheap coin books

World Coins/Currency

World Coin Gallery
Best of the world coin sites
Ron Wise's World Paper Money Homepage
Best of the world currency sites
World Coins Image Gallery
This page lists the images of world coins some guy has in his collection.
Jetons Monnaie : Emergency coins, Tokens
Emergency coins and paper money, Tokens, Medals, Encased postage stamps
Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator
Convert money between all worldwide currencies using up to date exchange rates.
C countries
Bruce "The Information" Broker and his personal collection, this sub-page is of C coins has proven useful for some information.
 Euro Coins Composition
If you have ever wondered just what the Euro is, here, you can view the euro coins with descriptions and learn what countries are in the European Union that are part of the Eurozone. This is the place to visit, Euromania. Home of the esteemed DAGA International Awards. Rated 5.0 by Award Sites!
Foreign Coins Struck By The Royal Canadian Mint
Site represents the latest research by Patrick Glassford pertaining to details regarding foreign coins struck by the royal Canadian mint.
Coins of British India (1857-1947)
One time coin blogger, no longer updates.
Mintage quantities / figures of the euro coins and official euro collector folders - all years and mint letters
The Eurocoin Pages - Euro Coin Variants or Varieties
Euro coin variants (or varieties) are euro coins with (probably not meant) minor differences in the minting die or edge. These differences are not caused due to production defects. So you could say that they are meant to be made (designed) this way. But it seems to be obvious that the mintmaster doesn't had this intention.
The Canadian Numismatic Company
Coins for sale, once they had good catalogs.
Le site francophone #1 sur la monnaie canadienne et la valeur des pièces de monnaie canadienne.
Brian's Web Site
Website of a collector with good token images and other random stuff.
Numismatic Dimensions
Another private collectors public images, scattered many tokens.
Juan's World FAO Coins
FAO coins some good information if not a bit skimpy.
Coins of the UK
The history and values of UK coins, with pictures of many great rarities
USPaperMoney.Info: Main
USPaperMoney.Info: Serial Number Ranges
Best modern U.S. currency site ever.
Coinflation - Metal Value of U.S. Circulating and Silver Coins
Coin metal value, intrinsic value of coins, coin melt value, silver coins, silver, copper, gold, zinc, nickel, base metal prices.
Collectors Universe Forums
Best coin forum site
PCGS Price Guide
A price guide site that urges you to join for better info.
The American Numismatic Society
The American Numismatic Society is a museum and research institute devoted to the study of coins from all periods and cultures.
Coin Collecting and Coin Collecting Values
Coin collecting site that is a bit spammy.
The Inflation Calculator
The following form adjusts any given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 2009. Enjoy!
CoinForum.Org - a coin forum built for collectors and dealers as well as coin clubs. Come talk about coins with us. Enter our free drawings. We have topics such as: US coins, silver, gold, rare coins, ancients, and contests. Membership is free.
Coin Collecting Previous Question List
Coin Collecting previous question list
Collectors Universe Forums - Known plate numbers for today's star scarcities...
Specific thread about the above mentioned.
Collector Network
Links for Coins, Bank Notes, Cards, and Stamps Collectors.: Coins
CoinResource - Rare Coin Dealer and Coin Store, Prices, Articles, Supplies
The site includes a coin store, coin directory, awards, articles, coin dealer, show guide, books, and other numismatic information.
Dan's Coin Collecting Information Center Mirror
Some good information for identifying coins.
*Dead Link*once a great resource from a collector known as Tbirde
Collectors Universe Forums - Master List: Your Favorite Coin Websites
A good thread with great links
Metals Used in Coins and Medals
Metals used in Coins and Medals describes the Elements and Alloys used for their production. Coin Page
Some guys coin collection
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