About Blog

I find coins in my change and if they are interesting to me I write a post about them. If there are no change finds then I just pull something from my old coin collection that has not been featured here before.

The purpose of this blog is to:
  1. Contribute general knowledge to world of numismatics
  2. Record my finds because I tend to forget
  3. Learn more about the coins and currency from visitors

All comments are automatically sent to my email so even if you comment on the oldest post and your comment is is past 1,000 I will still get it and respond.

Values, unless otherwise stated or requested, are estimated in the low grade of good or metal value. As metal values, auction prices, and book value changes I try and keep up. Posts will get updated but comments can not so asking a question again is encouraged even if an older answer exists.

This blog is serious but by no means official. That said I try to have fun with all this so I hope you will too. Enjoy!