Monday, March 11, 2013

2003-A $5 Bill, FH-A

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So clean and near perfect. I got this ordinary $5 bill back in 2007 when they first came out. It was also the time I used the most cash and was really into collecting every kind of currency or coin. The bill itself may not actually be perfect but it might be worth grading, despite the fact it will cost more to grade than it is worth.

Lately work and life keeps me from obsessing with ever bill coin I come across. That is not the main problem with modern collecting. The real issue is that I use less cash. I mean I just got a bunch of cash back reward points for paying my taxes via cards and I paid them immediately so no interest was charged.

Not to get too off topic but February was great for paying and buying stuff using no cash and then at the end I made a profit. Granted find new bills is has become a bit more of a bother. Less change finds unless you include staring over the shoulder of people paying online and hoping they are willing to trade.

Here's the stats for this bill...
Type/Federal Bank: $5 Note - Fort Worth / St. Louis
Year: 2003-A
Printings: 83,200,000
Printed: April 2007
Run: 13th of 13 runs from FH76800001A - FH83200000A 
Value:  $15.00 in Choice Crisp-Uncirculated (CH-CU)

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Kelly said...

I came across an interesting coin....well, interesting to me. It was in a bag with a buffalo head nickel and a bunch of old pesos. Anyway, it is a bronze looking coin that says Republik Osterreich 1 Schilling 1960. Is this a common coin? I've heard of shillings before, but I've never seen one!

Man said...

Republik Osterreich 1 Schilling 1960

Austrian about $0.25.

And yes fairly common 46,111,000 were minted.

Kelly said...

Thank you :)