Friday, March 01, 2013

1994 Holland America Cruise Line 25 Cents

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Since cruises have been in the news lately I thought I would dig out one of my only cruise tokens. This one is from Holland America Cruise Lines a wholly owned subsidiary of Carnival Corp. & plc the British–American-Panamanian cruise company. This is most likely a gaming token used at on-board casinos. I think they went completely electronic now, assuming you have electricity at sea.

The design is simple and used on many of these types of tokens. One side has the ship on water with some nice fair weather clouds. The other side has TWENTY FIVE CENTS 1994 (encircled), NOT LEGAL TENDER (center). They made sure to place NOT LEGAL TENDER write under the boat flags to avoid confusion. With gaming tokens there is a thin line on what to name them. Using dollar and cents, especially for American players gives it a sense of real money and actual risk. Just calling them 25 Tokens or fun money makes the game less real.

New swiping cards are replacing most cruise coins and the newer tokens have no value written on them to avoid any confuse at each port. Despite all the bad press I would still do a cruise, even without the tokens. To travel from port to port visiting for a few hours several countries is a great way to get more foreign coins. I got this one from a coin lot so no cool story about gambling on the high seas.

Here are the stats for this token...
Type/Country: Holland America Cruise Line 25 Cents token / British–American-Panamanian
Year: 1994
Mintage: Unknown
Metal: Nickel
Diameter: 24.9 mm Weight: Not sure (too lazy to weigh it)
Value: $0.25 in circulated Very-Fine
Obverse Writing: (none just a cruise ship at sea with clouds)
Reverse Writing: TWENTY FIVE CENTS 1994 (encircled), NOT LEGAL TENDER (center)

Do you have a token and want to know its value? Leave a comment/question and I will do my best to find out the price and history for you.

11 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

Anonymous said...

How much would these tokens be worth if they are in XF shape:

Anonymous said...

Also this one:

Man said...

Two Drachms, Apothecary Weight about $2.00


Commemorative Coins - Los Alamos National Laboratory - 50th Aniversary (2) coins about $5.00 each assuming Copper-nickel

Anonymous said...

Thanks, the Los Alamos token sounds silver, and weighs exactly 1 troy oz.

Man said...

Los Alamos token sounds silver, and weighs exactly 1 troy oz.

Just silver value of about $25.00.

Josh said...

Have a token that was given to me and wanting to know something about it.

Unknown said...

Tengo una ficha de estás Holland America Cruise tiene al Gun costo .
Todavía se usan en los barcos o lla están abolidas

Unknown said...

Ciao Ho una moneta di questo tipo quanto vale

Unknown said...

Saya ingin mengetahui nilai token yang saya dapatkan

Anonymous said...

Tengo una ficha con un crucero y al revés ay jente disfrutando los placeres del crucero cuanto valdría

Anonymous said...

I have a role of these token want to know the value of them