Monday, March 04, 2013

2006 (Non-Colorized) $5 Bill, HF-C

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Last week I brought the 2006 (Colorized) $5 Bill and this week is the non-colorized version. There was no mistake in series date. There was never going to be a 2008 series note. This 2006 (Non-Colorized) $5 Bill had a short run from May-October of 2007.

At the time even I did not realize two 2006 $5 bills had been issued so by the time I noticed I could only find this less than excellent version. Again the changes in my opinion are noticeable and extreme but they chose to keep the series the same and just change the serial prefix letter.

Here are both for comparison:

Ignoring the fact I took the picture of the non-colorized version crooked the differences are obvious.
  • They added color to the later note.
  • They removed all the portrait borders.
  • Enlarged the reverse corner 5 and made it purple.
  • The front bottom corner 5's lost their color.
  • The paper now has background images.
  • Several more small changes for those with sharp eyes.
Although a small run and basically an unexpected note it does not hold any extra value. 409+ million were printed which is still a large number. Many were saved in high grade so it is possible to get them for cheap and graded.

Here's the stats for this bill...
Type/Federal Bank: $5 Note - Fort Worth / Atlanta
Year: 2006 (Non-Colorized)
Printings: 275,200,000
Printed: August 2007
Run: 3rd of 13 runs from HF12800001C - HF19200000C 
Value:  $5.00 in Fine

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