Saturday, June 30, 2012

1991 Dominican Republic Quarter

Have a Dominican Republic coin and want to know its value? Leave a comment

Another floor find. After work going down the subway steps I spot that distinctive silver color disc that can only be a coin. Quickly I bent down to pick it up while looking around in case some just lost it and needs it back. Once I realized it was abandoned and a Dominican coin I was so happy. I was with a co-worker who did not share my enthusiasm especially after knowing it was a less than valuable piece.

Yes I have found this exact date and type in my change four times over my lifetime. Yes Dominican coins in New York City are not surprising. And yes it is kind of subway yucky but still it is a neat find.

I am so glad to have a blog to share this with because friends, co-workers, and all but one family member can care less about my coin finds. One day I will be able to talk to someone in real life about coins but at least I have y'all.

Here's the stats...
Type/Country: 25 Centavos / Dominican Republic
Year: 1991
Mintage: 38,000,000
Metal: Nickel Clad Steel
Value: $0.15 in Very-Fine

Do you have coin from the Dominican Republic and want to know its value? Leave a comment/question and I will do my best to find out the price and history for you.

6 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

ITZATI said...

I have a strange 100 doller bill none like i have seen before. I have looked at many 100 doller bills under light to see invisable water color Ben Franklin and all seem to be normal Ben Franklin faces, but this invisible water color Ben Franklin appears to be angry and he has a bone nose with a but chin.This is not a joke. The diffrences between other 100 doller bills is very clear. I am wondering if this is some known mistake or just made on purpose and if it is a mistake could it be worth money. HK 86997687 C K11

Man said...

strange 100 doller bill none...HK 86997687 C

Errors on the watermark are not that collectable.

The reason is that the watermark can be altered by accident or on purpose with heat or solvents.

Also it maybe a joke that someone tried or worse it can be counterfeit. Many times people alter $5 bill to make them into $100 bills.

Either way I think it has no extra value and not worth grading.

Unknown said...

I found this coin in my wallet and wanted to know if it has any value and if there is anyone who is interested in purchasing it. It is a Republica Dominicana 1991 coin on reverse it says Veinticinco Centavos. Please reply to thank you.

Unknown said...

I have a 1974 Dominican republic quarter. How much is it worth?

Unknown said...

Sería bueno saber esto tengo una colección en mi país 😱 y acá en estados unidos colección de monedas

Unknown said...

I have a very nice whiney veinticinco centavos quarter 1991 whats the value on it