Monday, December 24, 2012

2004-A $10 Bill, GF-A

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Like the 2006 and 2009 ten dollar notes this one is colorized and watermarked. Also just like the next two notes in the series this bill has no real extra value. They are common and can still be found n high grade in circulation.

Last minute Christmas shoppers may want to put aside any new bills or odd change not only for your investment but as gifts to the numismatic (coin or currency collector) in your life. Even if the note has no extra value the person receiving it can always just spend it

Here's the stats for this bill...
Type/Federal Bank: $10 Note- Fort Worth / Atlanta
Year: 2004-A
Printings: 134,400,000
Printed: April 2006
Run: 4th of 15 from GF19200001A - GF25600000A
Value:  $15.00 in CU 

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Unknown said...

I have this 2001 quarter and I see the letter A's are smaller then normal?