Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2007 Uganda 50 Shillings

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Found right on the subway floor two days ago. 2012 seems to be the year of ground finds as my change finds slows down. This is my first Ugandan coin of any type. Looking and feeling exactly like a nickel I wonder why it was left behind has a nickel become too little to pick up.

On the obverse is BANK OF UGANDA FIFTY SHILLINGS the national coat of arms says FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

If I say nothing about the edge it means it is smooth and normal.

On the reverse is BANK OF UGANDA a antelope close-up in the wild over 50 SHILLINGS 2007. The 7 is very weak so I assume they reused the 2003 dies and just changed the 3 to a 7.

The entire coin is scratched but still shiny checked out the hot angled shots.

Another one found after work and my co-worker thought it might have dropped from some tourist pocket. I have a darker imagination and thought someone got robbed and the thief threw to the ground the non-American money.

I mean recently I read a guy found a gold coin in the CoinStar reject bin with a bunch of non-American coins. That is the classic steal coins and then dump them for face value, I do not know if the guy who found it cared but this seemed obvious.

Here's the stats...
Type/Country: 50 Shillings / Uganda
Year: 2007
Mintage: Unknown
Metal: Copper-Nickel
Value: $0.25 in Very-Fine (about $0.02 in currency exchange)

This new find it makes a total of 122 countries consisting of 2,036 coins (non-American and non-Canadian) . I estimate half were found and the others were bought at some point.
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Anonymous said...

What is the value of the coin of 2007

Anonymous said...

I have one 2003