Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1966 Myanmar 50 Pyas

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One of the more difficult coins to identify especially since the Burmese language is not internet friendly. It is possible to read the language with some special support but usually you get ၅၀ ဟ္ရး ၁၉၆၆(50 PYAS 1966). Describing the coin is little help, there is a man, some words and an open wreath on the back.

Luckily I know enough about languages to narrow it down to the Thai or Burmese regions and then a little searching lead me to Myanmar. Also lucky is that all the Myanmar coins I own are from 1966. This year was the only issue to feature Aung San on the front. Every other year had an animal or plant.

On the back  in the center is what I assume is the word PYAS but to me it looks like a camera. There written language is one of the nicest I have ever seen. Hopefully the web will catch up and make it universally readable.

Here are the stats for this...
Type/Country: 50 Pyas / Myanmar
Year: 1966
Mintage: Unknown
Metal: Aluminum
Value: $0.40 in Very-Fine

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Pockets O'Change said...

Burmese is definitely not a computer friendly nor a user friendly language. It is really beautiful though! I also have this coin, I'm only missing one set from all the Burmese coin sets. The coins really take after the coins of British-India (which were also used in Burma) and they have so many beautiful shapes! I really enjoy Burmese coins, too bad some of them are hard to get. Maybe now that the country is starting to open up we can get them more easily! Nice post!

Man said...

Maybe now that the country is starting to open up we can get them more easily!

I hope so.

Unknown said...

Good .