Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year In Review 2016

Let's make this short 2016 was blah to say the least.

A summary of what I found in my change.

2016 World Coins Found Graph

Change Finds: 

The graph is for world coins found with 46 different countries found.
--Canada again is 1st with 107
--Great Britain is 2nd with 26
--France is 3rd with 10
China and Germany come in the top five also.

New countries found in my change include Aruba, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cyprus, Guyana, Honduras, Romania, and Sri Lanka. I found less coins compared to last year and less variety.

2016 U.S. Coin Finds graph
 No odd finds mostly small coins but a lot of new quarters.

Oldest United States Find
1905 Nickel

Oldest Foreign Find
1915 Austrian 10 Heller

Most Valuable Find (above face value): tie
1918 United States Nickel at about $3.00

Most Valuable Foreign Find
1988 Brazilian (Doubled) 50 Centavos at about $2.00

Most Surprising Find

13 notes from around the world including $2 bills given to me by a friend who works retail by her creepy customer. She gave them to me because she thought they were cursed and no else wanted them at her job.

Books: Nothing new or exciting.

Websites: Went mobile for this blog and trying some SEO (search engine optimization) stuff to make it better.

Equipment: Macro camera lens, a 60mm.

Not bad this year with 433 finds, that is less than last year but still higher than average for me. Most were repeats but many were unique pieces. Again unfortunately none were rare or valuable. (Same as last year basically.)

Probably the last time I get so many since I changed my coin collecting habits recently. So After I get through my old finds I will focus on getting the common U.S. coins from the last 50 years.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and change for all

1 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

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