Monday, June 17, 2013

2003-A $1 Bill, F-M

Have a 2006 one dollar note and want to know its value? 

Most of the 2003-A one dollar series from serial numbers F-M to F-P and F-* have widely different values. The reason is they switched printing facilities mid-printing which is highly unusual.

Notes printed at Washington, D.C. or Fort Worth and usually when they start a run in one facility they finish it there or start a new one at the other place. For the 2003-A series they kept flipping back and forth. In all there are four notes to collect in the F-M serial number range. I have found the more valuable ones before and explained it fully here, Tuning Into FM.

Looking for specific serial numbers is not the easiest way to collect. There are so many numbers to remember that it can get overwhelming. I am sure I have passed on a few good notes since I sometime do not even bother to look up the value. Still these are one dollar bills and they are common so you always get another chance to look.

Here's the stats for this bill...
Type/Federal Bank: $1 Star Note-D.C. / New York
Year: 2003-A
Printings: 83,200,000
Printed: September 2006
Run: 8th of 12 of 2-12 from F44800001M - F51200000M
Value: $1.00 in Fine

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