Saturday, July 12, 2014

9th Anniversary

Another year passes and another massive flip to the way I collect and showcase my finds.

Willow/Pottery or Leather Anniversary

Well leather just means purses or wallets, pottery was used in ancient times to store coins, and willow is a bit odd for coins but I did find one nice reference that famed Willow Tree coin from 1652. If only I found one in my change.
Source image: Willow Tree Sixpence via

Coined For Money Blog

Over 2.2 million visitors is great and I thank everyone who came by these past nine years. Almost 1,000 post and over 34,000 comments means I need to start organizing this blog more. Behind the scenes I have been keep a spreadsheet of all the American, Canadian, and British coins I have posted like that I do not repeat myself. Those three countries are my most common finds and I hope to organize them in a way that a person can look up a specific coin from those countries with ease.

Again I switched back to a mostly daily blog since several cashiers that I work near give me change that are more than just modern American coins. Granted I have to use cash more often but luckily the ATM is also nearby. Last year I was down since I was finding few new things and could not afford to buy anything in real life let alone for my hobby. This year has been better as I got a few books and I am looking forward to get some supplies.

Most of last years copycat blogs have given up but unfortunately so have many long time bloggers. I have to update my blogroll because those links are out of date. Cheap, Green and Happy was a great coin roll hunting blog that I followed since 2007 but after a scare during the Boston Marathon the guy stopped publishing, I guess bigger priorities. My TV blog also came to a stop mostly because I have little time after work to watch and post about bad shows.

Non-blog formats, like Twitter, Facebook, and phones apps, continue to become more popular and that takes away from this site. Yes I should link them all together but it takes some time and I would rather do it right than quickly, which is against common sense in the internet age.

Looking into the future 

Total integration across every platform. A bit to much but there should some application that can do it automatically every time I post to blogger. Also I need to list every coin I posted about over the past nine years and have them available on my blog in an easy way like the great Coins and Canada does it.

The Donations link is still active and surprisingly people have helped. After some tough times I am doing better financially and will still accept donations in order to keep one place on the internet where people can find and evaluate their common coins.

I thank you all and keep those questions coming 

2 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

Aussie Kid said...

For me that was quite a moving post :')

You will also be happy to know that I FINISHED my Australian 50c coin collection! I now have one of every circulating 50c coin in Australia :)
The last two I needed were very kindly given to me by two very kind coin owners at the coin shop I went to on my birthday. I also picked up an Australian 1991 25th Anniversary of decimal currency Proof coin set (it includes the discontinued and elusive 1991 proof 1 AND 2 cent coins) which features one of the hardest to find 50 cent coins in proof! there are eight coins in all (all proof):
1c 2c 5c 10c 20c 50c $1 $2 so 8 coins in all. Got it for $70 (with original box and folder) so thats a pretty nifty $8.75 per proof coin!

I continue to read your blog whenever I can and hope it continues long into the future!

-Aussie Kid

Man said...

For me that was quite a moving post :')
--Haha thanks.

You will also be happy to know that I FINISHED my Australian 50c coin collection! I now have one of every circulating 50c coin in Australia :)
--Wooo congrats. That is not easy it's nice to see anyone can complete a collection without spending tons of money.