Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coined For Money: Round-Up Sept. 17-23, 2012

The theme of this week's news round up seems to be the value of things. Or maybe it could be called the greatest finds but either way the stories this week are worth millions. So what is the lesson to learn from these stories is appreciate what you have now and stop trying to predict the future.

A Russian field of diamonds found in the 1970s could be worth trillions of carats. Although they are mostly industrial diamonds it is still enough to lower the value of diamonds by half but it won't be exploited.

Baseball guy buys a 1943 copper cent for $1 million and still as enough to buy more.

A 69 year old hoarder who was dead in his home for at least 3 months left behind $200 in the bank, $12,000 in cash, $165,000 in stocks, and $7,000,000 in metal value of gold and coins. Probably $14 million in collectors value and it will be left to the county to give it to a cousin that did not care to check in every few months.

Finally found a 1947-D nickel which is neither rare or valuable but still elusive, well not anymore.

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Unknown said...

I have a 2004 D Lewis & Clark Liberty Nickel and all I could find on your site was you did not have one. I was wondering if you could help me get a brief estimate of it or know anything about them. I have recently become obsessed with coins and am having trouble finding out information thanks in advance. Krystle

Man said...

I have a 2004 D Lewis & Clark Liberty Nickel

Like with the other Westward Journey nickels none are special or have any value over 5 cents in circulated condition.

Although I have not found a 2004-D it is just random they are very common.

If this blog doesn't help try going to the US Mint itself for history.

There is little info about them because they are common.