Thursday, September 13, 2012

Option 4? Let it Grow

An update to my previous post about Unreachable Cents that were on top of a traffic box. The three cents left on top of the box have now grown to four.

I posted about my choices: 1. Be shameless and just go for it., 2. Ignore it and keep some dignity., or 3. Go all ninja and try to secretly get them. Well someone gave a 4th choice, Add some of your own pennies. See if a large collection begins.

Apparently someone was reading that added option and one more cent was left behind. I still have not found a moment of quiet to get them but at this rate it may go up to ten cents by the end of the month.

Notice any other differences from the first photo? 

Besides a sunnier day the side graffiti has been updated. I guess the local tagger keeps freshening his/her mark. First it was black, then blue, then silver, and now white. Now if I can can a picture of that thug I would be happy.

Back to the cents it would be interesting to see if they keep breeding but the tagger will force the cleaning of the box soon. Dang I like staring at those coins it is relaxing when I am stuck data archiving all day.

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