Monday, September 24, 2012

2004 $20 Bill, EB-L

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Low serial numbers are very collectable but there is a limit. The high serial number notes I mentioned recently have no extra value for a simple reason, they are not collected. All serial numbers are equally unique but people do like that whole 1, 2, 3, etc. so they tend to be the most wanted and thus it increases value.

Is this note low enough?

00003138 is not considered low by most unless crisp-uncirculated it really has no extra value. About a ten percent premium is placed on bills with preceding zeroes that fall between 1001-9998. This bill does fall into the "Fancy Note" category. Extra value is given if they also are either sequential, repeating, or many other cool looking number combinations.

First! Now that is a phrase every internet fan knows well. Well having the first note is ideal for collectors also. Trading for a lower serial is often done because the lower the number also means the bill is older. A 2004 $20 bill with 0000001 as the serial number could bring about $2,000.00 or more depending on grade and auction. With the regular 2004 series you have 66 chances of finding that rare note.

Here's the stats for this bill...
Type/Federal Bank: $20 Note- D.C. / New York
Year: 2004
Printings: 1,081,600,000
Printed: May 2005
Run: 1st of 4 from EB00000001L - EB06400000L
Value:  $21.00 in VF 

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Anonymous said...

I have a US 20 dollar bill with a series 2004 A on it. I was just wondering if this has any special value, because I have never seen one like this before.

Man said...

US 20 dollar bill with a series 2004 A just $20.00 they are common

Unknown said...

In my old phone,I had a sight saved where I could go and check this myself but broke the phone and can't remember what it was,so. I have this trinary $20 dollar bill I'd like to know the value of. Serial # EB 88888330 K.