Sunday, April 07, 2013

Coined For Money: Round-Up Mar. 25-Apr.7, 2013

New coin ideas are gaining popularity around the world but there is still some old ideas about saving money that I do enjoy. This round up will have you thinking twice about the future of money.

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Coin Update has a wonderful article about a new collectors coin from Poland that is oddly thick. More like a tube or cylinder of silver than a typical coin.

Starting April 11, 2013 you can start submitting your design for the new U.S. baseball coin.

British people are saving more small change in jars than in banks. It makes sense when you need to buy milk or anything else small but I think this is normal and having bank accounts for every small purchase is ridiculous.

I found a 2013 cent in 2013!. That was fast seeing how I find less coins everyday.

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