Sunday, January 06, 2013

Coined For Money: Round-Up Dec. 24, 2012-Jan. 06, 2013

New coins are cool. Getting, making, and using these new coins may not be as easy as it sounds. Here are a few stories about new coins to make you think twice.

I tried to avoid this story but it will not die. Here is the best article I could find about the myths surrounding the making of a trillion dollar coin. Basically it is legal, but probably will cause a lawsuit, and it will only temporarily solve the debt ceiling problem.

The new commemorative 1 Dirham coin from United Arab Emirates is being rejected from parking meters in Abu Dhabi, also Dubai reportedly. It is slightly lighter and the machines are not properly updated to accept old and new coins.

A young coin collector is the first to get 2013 coins down in Australia. He camped out for 4 days and also got the last 2012 coins minted.

In case you missed out my yearly review of coin finds let me summarize, found a lot still not enough to retire.

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Anonymous said...

hi, i have a 1839 no drapery half dollar us coin.its in vg is clear, liberty has two clear letters,reverse is very readable, but very little feathers.i know its rare but can you give me a ballpark price on it.thanks brian

Man said...

1839 no drapery half dollar us coin.its in vg condition

About $100.00 it's not rare.