Friday, September 02, 2011

1879 Austria 1 Kreuzer

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This coin is beyond obsolete and 132 years old but even if it was not harshly cleaned it would still only be about $1.00. There is a popular myth that if something is old it is valuable. This is one of the oldest foreign coins I have and although cool it is nothing to retire on. Out of the thirty two Austiran coins I have this is the oldest.


They look and feel like U.S. coins from the same period. The wreath in the back with the little ribbon was a standard of many cents. It was a symbol of wealth and health beyond just Christmas times. 

Here are the stats...
Type/Country: 1 Kreuzer / Austria
Year: 1879
Mintage: Unknown
Metal: Copper
Value: $0.25 in cleaned

I have another that also was cleaned apparently that is the only reason I got them in a cheap coin lot.

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L. Rae Pettis said...

Found this coin, 1881 two headed, Austria Kreuzer in good condition. Can you tell me how much it is worth? Mark Pettis