Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bad Reputation

I did a Technorati search of Wheat Penny to see the results and while I was pleased to see my site at number ten the other nine above were fake blogs leading to real sites some trying to sell you stuff. If I had a coin selling business I would integrate a blog to my site not get a blog to trick people into thinking it's real when it's just a fake site.
Others on the list had nothing to do with wheat pennies or were dead-pages. I assure you I'm not selling anything and it would be nice, but I would not get rich selling my coins. I'll post every two-three days on coins and currency I have or know about, places I've shopped at good or bad. If anyone ever visit my site and ask a question I'll post a response here as quickly as possible.

2 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

Anonymous said...

Yes, first of all i have maybe over 700 or so wheat pennies from all dates starting from 1909 gem bu Indian Head Penny, and pretty much every date up to about 1958. My grandfather left them to me, also i have a bunch of silver half dollars with the dates 1917, 1923, 1942,and 1943. Those all have a woman in a dress or gown with the sun right below her to the left and liberty written across the top, with an eagle on the back holding some branches. these are all in perfect condition but i cant seem to find a mint mark anywhere. Also i have some silver half dollars from 1951 to 1962 who has Ben Franklin on front and the liberty bell on back, some of the mints say D for Denver and some say S for san fran. Oh yeah one more thing i also have these 2 and 5 dollar bills from 1928 with the red stamping with stars in front of the serial numbers. If you could help on any of those i would higly appreciate it. how much do you think most of that stuff is of value, and the bills arein perfect condition i am proud to own all of them

Josh from Mississippi

Man said...

1909 gem bu Indian Head Penny about $60.00
The mintmark would be on the reverse below the wreath and ribbon, it would be an S worth about $1,000.00.

silver half dollars mintmark on the front under WE Trust or on back to the left of HALF under the branch leaves.
1917 about $7.00
1923-S (only S were made) about $12.00
1942 about $7.00
1943 about $7.00

All Bejiman Franklin Halves are common valued at current silver prices about $7.00. Slight premium for 1955 at about $16.00.

2 and 5 dollar bills from 1928 with the red stamping with stars in front of the serial numbers.
Depending on serial number and series(1928-A, 1928-B, etc.) it goes from $200 to $10,000.

Your grandfather seemed like a very skilled collector, but without exact mintmark or serial number it's hard to value the key pieces.

You may want to invest in a coin book or pick up an issue of a coin magazine that may be good but I still be here if you want to list the key items.