Monday, November 17, 2014

2013 Poland 5 Groszy, Brass

There are two versions of this coin. This is the sold brass version with the older design. The new version is brass plated steel and has a smaller crest and a few lines.

You may have noticed starting in 2012 the old standard metals of copper-nickel or brass were being phased out. Plated steel versions are now common and do not be surprised if steel prices skyrocket and plastic coins replace them.

Here's the stats...
Type/Country: 5 Groszy / Poland
Year: 2013
Mintage: 88,000,000
Metal: Manganese-Brass
Value: $0.05 in VF

Do you have a coin from Poland and want to know its value? Leave a comment/question and I will do my best to find out the price and history for you.

2 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

Unknown said...

Yes whats the peice for it

Anonymous said...

Do you buy South African coins i have inbox