Monday, June 03, 2013

2009 $1 Bill, B-E

Have a 2009 one dollar note and want to know its value? 

Kept this one because it was gem choice uncirculated crisp note. Also this is one of the last guaranteed Currency Overprinting and Processing Equipment (COPE) notes. The COPE system is being replaced and by 2012 they started using a new system so all 2011 printed notes were still COPE.

These notes are still common as with most one dollar bills. Although it represent the last of a process it is not going away quickly. The Boston and New York federal district notes are still using the old COPE method since the amount of notes needed in these areas are tremendous. All other branches are using the new system Large Examining and Printing Equipment (LEPE) because they use need less notes.

Here's the stats for this bill...
Type/Federal Bank: $1 Note - Washington D.C. / New York
Year: 2009
Printings: Not yet known, still being printed.
Printed: March 2011
Run: Unknown 
Value:  $2.00 in Choice Crisp-Uncirculated (CH-CU)

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