Monday, May 27, 2013

1983 Ecuador 20 Sucres Note

Have an Ecuadorian note and want to know its value?

This one is a bit tricky for dating even though it was clearly dated Abril 20 de 1983 (April 20, 1983). Technically it is from the 1957-1971 series and overlapped with later issues. To add to the confusion Ecuador no longer issues notes or bills of any kind.

Like most new world currency the Ecuadorian sucre was meant to look and feel like U.S. currency. Their government set a fixed exchange rate to tie the sucre to the U.S. dollar in the 1930s. Unfortunately the people who controlled the monetary units kept devaluing the sucre until early in the year 2000 when it fell to 25,000 sucres per 1 U.S. dollar. The leaders of Ecuador announced the end of the sucre notes by September 11, 2000 and the permanent adoption of the U.S. dollar as Ecuador's national currency.

The American influence guided their money and now replaced it. As a whole the last time the average person could exchange sucres into dollars was 2001, there are always exception but it is not worth it unless you had millions of sucres. Ecuador still issues their own sucre coins up to 50 cents. 

Here's the stats for this bill...
Type/Country: 20 Sen / Ecuador
Year: April 20, 1983
Printings: Unknown
Printed: Unknown
Run: Unknown 
Value:  $2.00 in Fine, $0.0008 in exchange value

Odd side note I found this on the floor of my college cafeteria a long time ago.

Do you have an Ecuadorian note and want to know its value? Leave a comment/question and I will do my best to find out the price and history for you.

7 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

Anonymous said...

iv got a 2 dollar canadian bill uncirculated any estimate as to it's worth please email me at if there are any questions about the bill please email me with it.

Man said...

2 dollar canadian bill uncirculated

Depends on year.

Anonymous said...

100 sucre 1993

Unknown said...

20 Sucre 1971

Unknown said...

100 Sucre 1980

Unknown said...

I got 1968 and1971 Ecuador 20 dollar bill got 7 of them how much are they worth

Anonymous said...

I got a 1983 20 sucres de el Equador