Sunday, August 12, 2012

Coined For Money: Round-Up Aug. 5-12, 2012

Often I read about coin, currency, or money news that I find interesting. Often I forget these links a few days later so here they go as a record and also a bit of weekly news.

Including the buyers fee an 1873-CC Liberty Seated Dime, No Arrows graded MS-65(PCGS) sold $1.84 million. That is $1.6 million minus the fee for this only survivor of the Carson City minted no arrow dimes.

Slightly less was paid for a 1992 Close AM cent on eBay. $24,056 for the second known error in MS-67.

Way down on that list is my find of the week a 2012 Chinese 5 Jiao which I think is great since it is so new and from so far away.

A man used fake money and a real BB gun to rob another man of 4.7 billion “magic” coins from the game Runescape. If it wasn't for surveillance cameras the robber would have got away with it.

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