Wednesday, December 03, 2014

1953-S Dime

Over two years since I last found a good silver dime like this one. Currently silver is at a low compared to the last few years but it is still silver.

Also happens to have the S mint mark for San Fransisco which is the least common of the three mint marks for this year. Silver has a duller finish when older then copper-nickel. Instantly when I saw this coin in my change from a local fast food joint I knew it was silver. Still I have been fooled some older copper-nickel dimes are hazy and black so I think they are silver. Turning them on there edge is sometimes needed to see the difference. The copper streak is almost always visible on clad dimes. 

Here's the stats for this dime...
Type/Country: 10 Cents / United States
Year: 1953 S
Mintage: 39,180,000
Metal: 90% Silver, 10% Copper
Value: $1.19 in G-4 (a silver value of $1.183, a copper value of $0.002)

Do you have a silver coin and want to know its value? Leave a comment / question and I will do my best to find out the price and history for you.

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