Monday, March 05, 2012

Die Polished Cent

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Also known as an abraded die variety but not an error. When a die used to mint coins becomes overused, deteriorated, or clashed the mint guys and gals file it smoothish. Since the dies are hardened steel and very tough polishing them takes extra strength and leaves tracks behind. 

Can you see the rippled field on the above pictures?

Many people think it is an error but it is not. Polishing can be called a variety with no extra value. If you are wondering why the field of the coin has lines and not the design think about for a second. The die is an inverse of the coin so the high point is not the Lincoln Memorial instead it is the blank field. The words and all other design elements are sunk in on the die and would not be affected when polished.

There is the reason for possible polishing. The die started to break.
The obverse is normal.
The front and back dies are often changed at different times so just because the back has polish marks does not mean the front should.

Here's the stats...
Type/Country: 1 Cent / United States
Year: 1991
Mintage: 5,165,940,000
Metal: 97.5% Zinc, 2.5% Copper
Value: $0.01 in VF-20 even with the die polishing

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