Sunday, December 09, 2012

Coined For Money: Round-Up Dec. 3-9, 2012

Holidays are here. Hanukkah has started and Christmas is just a couple of weeks away. For that numismatist in your life you can either buy them a coin or coin book, search in cupboards, or just pull something out of you pocket. Here are some good articles to inspire you.

For the first time in over 30 years the $100 bill is being printed more than the $1 bill. The use and printing of dollar bills continue to fall as the population goes cashless.

Rare American coins were found in homemade cardboard cupboards in a British home. Estimated value £30,000 (~$48,000) at auction. 

A nice Coin Week blog post reminiscing on the joys and regrets of coin collecting especially during the Christmas gift giving season.

Finally found a 1990 Canadian cent in my change, which is a great gift for myself. At least that is one less person crossed off my list.

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