Monday, December 17, 2012

2006 $10 Bill, IF-B

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Not much has changed in the last few designs of the ten dollar note. It is a common series although there are some star notes that have extra value.

If some of you regular visitors are asking why does he keep showing common bills the answer is simple. I collect one of each. It is a good thing, back in 2008 I took this out of my change since it was crisp-uncirculated in grade. Today it would be more difficult to find such a crisp bill in your change especially since the 2006 series is no longer made.

A suggestion for new collectors is to set aside a new piece immediately. Do not try to wait for a later time since you may have gaps that will be tough to fill for face value. You can try and collect each series and Federal district but having at least one should be good enough for now. Next time you get change see what is new and set it aside because in time passes quickly and it will be an older note in no time.

Here's the stats for this bill...
Type/Federal Bank: $10 Note- Fort Worth / Atlanta
Year: 2006
Printings: 268,800,000
Printed: February 2008
Run: 2nd of 15 from IF06400001B - IF12800000B
Value:  $15.00 in CU 

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6 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

Anonymous said...

I have a Soviet 10 kopeks coin from 1933 in good condition, do you have any idea how much it might be worth?

Man said...

Soviet 10 kopeks coin from 1933 in good condition about $2.00

John P. said...

i have just received a clearly miss cut $10 bill is so miss cut that the ink is cut off. i would put up a photo of it but i cant figure out how to load the photo up how else can i send it. i would really like to know if its worth much.

Man said...

a clearly miss cut $10 bill is so miss cut that the ink is cut off

I would need to see it to see estimate value.

Use a free photo site like imageshack or photobucket and then copy and paste the link.

John P. said... Hopefully this works.

Man said...

Hopefully this works.

It did.
Looks like a minor Faulty Alignment error or/and Cutting error.

About $50.00 although it is not as collectible since there is no extra design on the bottom.