Sunday, November 04, 2012

Coined For Money: Round-Up Oct.31-Nov. 4, 2012

Some post Hurricane coin news and stories.

I have friends who live right on the beach and the sea washed out the entire first floor and their neighbors had their houses float away. Hoarding coins, silver, and gold would be useless. Even the ground under your feet was washed away. For all those thinking gold and silver would be great under a collapsed system this storm proved that it would be a useless burden. Food, heat, water, and family photos are worth much more. Invest in solar power and things that lets you be self sufficient. Plan for the worse and plan for the best!

Got a coin to make a call, apparently payphones were in high demand as lack of power crippled modern life. Many people lost coins to those payphones because they forgot how or never used a payphone.

A wedding coin was found in the debris after the storm. They were made to commemorate the newlywed and should be buried at their home for luck. Oh it is only worth $15.00, more personally valuable than monetary value.

Lost a box of gold, well some found one in Roswell...Georgia not the UFO place.

The older nickel I found recently was pre-storm and I do not expect to find anything until I can get back to work.

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