Wednesday, June 01, 2011

2012 Red Book

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As usual I get this book when I have an extra $20 to spend and since it at most $14.95 plus tax less if you get it online I think it is still a great bargain. A Guide Book of United States Coins 2012 is the 65th edition an still the best available.

What's new?

  • 65th Anniversary Edition is highlighted
  • Added BM (Branch Mint) to the lexicon
  • Many early coins continue to lose value
  • Explanation of John Adams Bolen Bar Copper copies
  • Deleted all "Type-Coin Values" table
  • Liberty Cap gets there own grading standards
  • Shield Cent has proper images
  • All common silver and gold coins had a price jump
  • Pictures of the first 10 America the Beautiful quarters
  • Complete list of  future America the Beautiful quarters from 2012-2021
  • Four Vertical Lines close-up picture added to 1798 dollar
  • Added 2011 dollars drawings 
  • Deleted obverse image of 1803 small reverse stars
  • 1996 Olympic Commemorative images changed
  • 2011 Commemorative drawing added
  • 5 oz. America the Beautiful Silver Bullion added
  • Gold Bullion Burnished Sets added
  • Latest bullions were added
  • 3 complete pages of Patterns were deleted (J-204 - J-470), (J-392-J-1528), (J-1643-J-1770)
  • Buillion Values Charts were expanded to accommodate the large market swings also with an explanation of how buyers pay 15% less and sell for 15% more on average
  • 1942S Small Cents page 116 has MS-60 at $17, which is wrong
  • Still no explanation of the edge lettering position for dollars although the pictures has them head-side up.
Modern coins values are going up and older coins are going down. Silver coin value is realistic at $35 any other value just use the chart in the back. The book feels lighter although the it is the length is the same.

If you have any of the Red Books from the last few years no need to upgrade just adjust for metal values.
If you do not own one get this version since the older books do not even take silver over $22.00 per ounce into account..

Do you have a U.S. coin and want to know its book value? Leave a comment/question and I will do my best to find out the price and history for you

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Sheri said...

My boys have a 2010 dime with a copper mark on the top right of the oak branch. They are very curious what the worth of this coin is. I have no idea so I came here.


Man said...

2010 dime with a copper mark on the top right of the oak branch.

This is a Partial Missing Clad error unfortuntaely if it is such a small spot it usually has no extra value.

A lot depends on eye appeal but at the most $1.50 in very-high grade.

This is a common error but your boys have good eyes for noticing that.