Wednesday, April 05, 2017

1997 Bermuda 25 Cents

Two years since I last found a Bermudan coin. I think they stopped making circulating version after 2009 but they do not seem popular in general.

Obverse of 1997 Bermuda 25 Cents, Queen Elizabeth
Reverse of 1997 Bermuda 25 Cents, Tropical Bird

This is from the 1986 to 1998 series, after this one the updated the queen's portrait. It is copper-nickel and has an exchange value equal to US currency. It is common although it has a low mintage but there is no huge market for these as the the banks still have plenty on hand. So I don't suspect that the value will go up even if the Bermudan government announces they discounted the twenty-five cent coin.

Here's the stats from top left...
Type/Country: 25 Cent / Bermuda
Year: 1997
Mintage: 1,200,000
Metal: Copper-Nickel
Value: $0.30 in VF

Do you have a coin from Bermuda and want to know its value? Leave a comment/question and I will do my best to find out the price and history for you.

8 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

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Anonymous said...

I have a 1997 twenty five quarter I like to know what is the value

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Unknown said...

1985 1986 1997 twenty five cents queen Elizabeth 11 what's the value.

Unknown said...

I have some coins I want to sell

Unknown said...

I have a 1997 Elizabeth bermuta nickle how much is it worth.

Unknown said...

I have a Bermuda Elizabeth || coin what’s the value 1997 Twenty-Five Cents?

Unknown said...

I have a bermuda elizabeth II 1997 one dollar coin how much is this one