Saturday, January 30, 2016

Coin Show NY

Upcoming Challenge coin show in NY for April 29, 2016.
The First of Its Kind Challenge Coin Trade Show In New York is opening its doors to coin traders, coin vendors, coin hobbyists, coin collectors, coin enthusiasts, and well, coin anything!

At this massive show, you will be able to find that "unicorn" you've been searching for. 

Some, never seen before coins!

Free Inaugural Coin to the First 100 Registered Guests

Free parking available.
Food and adult beverages available.

Partial Proceeds of the event will Benefit the NYPD Widows and Children’s Fund.
100% of the Charity Auction benefits the NYPD Widows and Children’s Fund.

3 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm not sure if I posted this right so I apologize if I didn't. I found a 1981 A series $20 bill that's misaligned on the back and was wondering if it's worth anything?

Man said...

1981 A series $20 bill that's misaligned on the back

If part of the design is missing or has another bill's design showing then yes, start at $150.00.

If just a small or large white border then no extra value.

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