Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2003-P Sacagawea Dollar

Not issued for circulation.

Yet here it is found from my change. How it got into circulation is probably from another collector who rejected it. They were available at cost from the U.S. Mint for years so people bought thousands and kept only the highest grades.

By 2002 the government decided to stop wasting most peoples time and energy fiddle with dollar coins and cease issuing them for circulation. Of course by 2009 that changed again but they are still not popular.

Here's the stats...
Type/Country: 1 Dollar / United States
Year: 2003-P
Mintage: 3,080,000
Metal: Core: 100% Copper, Clad Layer: 88.5% Copper, 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese, 2% Nickel
Value: F-12 about $1.00

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