Friday, October 31, 2014

2009-P Guam Quarter

Even I admit that trying to find every coin ever made in my change can be overwhelming. I try and keep track of all them but many slip by. Most of the territorial quarters made in 2009 are some that I did not find. Finally I got one that escaped my grasp.

On the quarter is a relief map of Guam. It has a hand carved boat and a stone base for native homes. The natives known as the Chamorro have their language as the motto. Guahan I Tanó ManChamorro, which means Guam - Land of the Chamorro.

Here's the stats...
Type/Country: 25 Cents-Guam / United States
Year: 2009 P
Mintage: 45,000,000
Metal: 91.67% Copper 8.33% Nickel
Value: $0.35 in F-12

Do you have a state quarter and want to know its value? Leave a comment/question and I will do my best to find out the price and history for you.

3 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

Unknown said...

I hope you can tell me about this quarter I have.

Thanks for your time!

Man said...

can tell me about this quarter I have.

Looks damaged, were it a true error it would weigh the same as a normal quarter, so that is one way to test it out.

The only damage I can suspect is Struck Through Grease error, still would have little extra value.

Unknown said...

I got a 2012 Acadia quarter dollar similar to yours has boths sides smooth red/bronze surface? Have any idea the value or is it worthless saving it