Monday, January 23, 2012

1995 Denmark 10 Kroner

Do you have a Denmark coin and want to know its value? Leave a comment

It is so close to Valentine's Day and I just realized this coin I had for years has hearts, ♥ ❤ ❥. This is the first time I noticed a common symbol like this on any coin. 


10 KRONER Lions surrounded by 9 hearts with a crown.
The heart on the obverse was a traditional mint mark used to identify the Royal Danish Mint. While all the coins are know minted in the same place they still place this special mark on coins. It is more sentimental then practical and so sweet...♥, ♥, ♥.

Here's the stats...
Type/Country: 10 Kroner / Denmark
Year: 1995
Mintage: 9,461,000
Metal: Aluminum-Bronze
Value: $1.00 in Very-Fine

Do you have coin from Denmark and want to know its value? Leave a comment/question and I will do my best to find out the price and history for you.

10 dollars worth, for Comments/Questions click here.:

TL said...

I'm glad you have this blog, as I love seeing all these foreign coins I've never seen before. I have had no change after besides Canadian cents.

Man said...

I have had no change after besides Canadian cents.

At least you got those, I have found nothing. I'm starting to harass family members to look through their change.

Thanks for the kind words.

TL said...

You're welcome.

I usually get at least one wheat penny every change find, but I have not found even a single wheat penny in the last couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I started coin collecting this year, at the age of (ahem+). I recently bot a batch of coins that contains one I can't find much info on. The one note I found says it's a "special date" and that it's a copper-nickel composition - but it doesn't look copper at all - looks more nickel-toned. Do you have any info on a Denmark 1947 10 ore coin that you could share? This one has a hole in the middle - I notice that some Danish coins have holes, and some don't. It also has the heart that seems to be a mintmark. CX R with a crown on the obverse, and 10 Ore with a circular curlicue design on the reverse.

I'm looking to value it of course, but I'd like to know why it's supposedly a "special date", and why it doesn't look copper. Thank you Thank you! Lynnette (I'll choose "anonymous" as my identity, so I don't have to figure out what the other choices mean - lol!)

Man said...

Denmark 1947 10 ore coin

Copper-nickel always looks silver color because the nickel is stronger even at 75% copper and 25% nickel.
So that part is normal.

Yes the heart is the mintmark of Copenhagen.

1,292,000 were minted.
It's about $100.00 in fine.

The date is special because it was the last in the series and I think most were destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Wow - you are GOOD! Thank you so much! Lynnette

Unknown said...

I have a 1krone danmark coin 1995 and one that has 50ore on back and danmark 1989 on front

Unknown said...

One coin 1995 stoker me countec me what up nambr 03212531704 name shah jahan Khan

Unknown said...

i have a 10 kroner canadian coin with and error.can you check my coins its rare or not

Unknown said...

im.from.phillipines i have dime coin.1965 dime.and.penny coins 1969 1964 how much is the price off tbat coin