Wednesday, August 31, 2011

28th Ed. United States Paper Money

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Borders is going out of business and it is an opportunity to get books on the cheap. The coin and currency sections are mostly gone and in some cases the employees have used the currency book pages to post notices around the windows, very tragic. I did find an unharmed 28th Edition of the Standard Catalog of U.S. Paper Money by Krause Publications.

Granted this is two editions behind the current 30th Ed. Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money but the Amazon preview shows little has changed in terms of values. Borders has everything 50-70% off so this $29.99 book was about $15.00. Although the Kindle version on Amazon is $9.99 I like the feel of real books.


  • Every fractional, large, and small type is listed.
  • Great color photos.
  • National bank notes listed by type and states.
  • The use of KL# (Krause-Lemke) and Fr# (Friedberg) which are common catalog identification systems.

  • KL# 24, Fr# 37 1917 $1 United States Notes is listed at $125. in fine when it should be $80.00. (Fixed in later versions)
  • Just basic KL# and Fr# no breakdown for runs or printings.
  • No printings figures listed at all, huge disappointment.
The book is great with lots of useful pictures and catalog numbers but it lacks details. The Standard Guide To Small-Size U.S. Paper Money although limited to small size note is vastly superior. For thirty dollars I expect full details and every minor variety that is known which is why I always skipped this book until the price was worth it. Maybe for the 30th edition I will get the Kindle version.

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