Friday, August 23, 2013

2013-D Nickel

Have a 2013 nickel and want to know its value?

Thought it would take years to find a 2013 Denver nickel but I got two of them in the day this week. Not even two months after finding the Philly version I got in my change the Denver version. Money is circualting well seeing how fast I am getting all the 2013 coins.

Denver coins are usually more common than most Philadelphia version but here in the East Coast they tend to be harder to find. I always forget that Denver has to provide for California and that state is more populated than any east coast state.

Not including the 2013 quarters I just need a 2013 Denver dime to finish off this years change find. Usually I would say years mat pass before I find one but now I am more hopeful and think it may happen soon.

Here's the stats... 
Type/Country: 5 Cents / United States of America
Year: 2013-D
Mintage: 410,880,000 (estimated to date)
Metal: 75% copper 25% nickel
Value: $0.05 in Very Fine (VF-20)

Do you have a U.S.  nickel and want to know its value? Leave a comment/question and I will do my best to find out the price and history for you.

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